PlasmaSafe® innovates dental surgery

Provide your patients with the benefits of autologous growth factors — simple, safe and guaranteed sterile. Made in Germany.


PlasmaSafe® makes the use of autologous blood products safe

PlasmaSafe® is the all-in-one chair-side solution for optimal healing with your patient’s own blood plasma in your practice. The PlasmaSafe® patient kit is available in no time and contains all the necessary products for safe extraction, storage and processing — for the safety of patients and practitioners.
The PlasmaSafe® centrifuge is already pre-programmed for the necessary processing steps. Of course, you can process PlasmaSafe® with most commercially available centrifuges.

Safe for medical staff and patients
Safe for medical staff and patients
The patented PlasmaSafe® process ensures that patient blood can be processed and implanted absolutely safely and sterilely. With PlasmaSafe®, discomfort, bleeding and swelling are significantly reduced and compliance is sustainably strengthened.
Safe and easy handling
Safe and easy handling
PlasmaSafe® uses the safe separation technique, during which the tube is not opened. The disposal of the closed tubes is also absolutely safe.
Compatible with different protocols
Compatible with different protocols
The PlasmaSafe® patient kit is easily available and makes your procedure fast and safe. The fully equipped kit reduces pre- and post-procedure work. Existing and known protocols can be maintained easily.

Safe and fast

Mit PlasmaSafe® haben Sie den Schlüssel für eine sichere und schnellere Wundheilung in der Hand

  • Kein Infektionsrisiko für medizinisches Personal

  • Kein Kontaminationsrisiko des Plasmas

  • Keine Kreuz-Kontamination zwischen Patienten

  • Einfaches klinisches Protokoll

  • Kombinationsmöglichkeit mit anderen marktüblichen Protokollen


See for yourself how easy and safe Plasmasafe is

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